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Ecommerce Consulting At Its Finest!

Our co founder has extensive expertise in the area of E-Commerce strategy and development. If you visit our client’s page you’ll find a number of different clients and companies that we have worked with and consulted. One thing in common about these is client is that most of them are Internet Retailer 500 companies. If you are serious about developing an ecommerce site and want to take your business to the next level, you want to contact us today. Don’t fall for the same mistakes most merchants fall into because of their lack of knowledge and experience.

3 things that make our solution the best



Technology moves fastówe move faster. We customize each project to keep our clients a step ahead of competitors.



Markets change and business models must be tailored accordingly.



Flexible website design is necessary for future business growth.

Developing an ecommerce site is intensive and complex, more complex than you know because their are many factors involved like:

  • Selecting the proper ecommerce platform
  • Industry standards & benchmarks
  • Landing page optimization & SEO
  • Ease of Use
  • Payment Gateways and Options
  • Cross Channel Opportunities & Challenges
  • Color theory and aspects of the look and feel
  • Aesthetics
  • Security
  • Implementing eye tracking usability studies & best practices
  • Product Hierarchy
  • Proper link structure
  • Marketing spend and initial investments
  • Sourcing products and the buying process
  • Content and Copy
  • Creatives and Images
  • Tracking
  • Integrating Social Media
  • Technical and Proper Hardware

The List Keeps Going!

I have another 100 points you need to consider but they would be to extensive to mention on this page. Call us today and find out how Lighthouse Internet Media can help you put together a solid ecommerce plan and build the right kind of ecommerce site the first time!

We offer everyone a 30 minute consultation free of charge. We want to work with the right clients. We are not a volume based business and we are not the "cheap guy" on the block. We offer our clients real results and growth. All of our clients make money with our services.

Our founder has worked with the best of them, understands the full business cycle from A-Z and has over a decade of internet, sales, call center and marketing experience.