Lighthouse Internet Media

Our Fees

We offer everyone a 30 minute consultation free of charge. We want to work with the right clients. We are not a volume based business and we are not the "cheap guys" on the block. We offer our clients real results and growth. All of our clients make money with our services.

Our founder has worked with the best of them, understands the full business cycle from A-Z and has over a decade of internet, sales, call center and marketing experience. The size of your business matters very little to our team, even if you have a small budget, we would love to speak to you and see how our firm can help you.

Our Price Schedule for 2013:

  • Website Development Starts at: $2600
  • SEO Services Starts at: $2400 (Six month agreement minimum)
  • Ecommerce & General Consulting starts at: $250 an hour (Minimum of 10 hours)
  • Social Media Marketing starts at: $1,000 a month (Six month minimum)
  • Pay Per Click Marketing: Disclosed At time of Agreement
  • Affiliate Marketing starts at: $2500 a month (Six month agreement minimum)
  • Mobile Applications starts at: $5500
  • Creative and Web Design Work starts at: $125 an hour

Expert Services Offered in the Areas of:

  • Pay Per Click Marketing & Management
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Development & Programming
  • Ecommerce Consulting
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ecommerce Business Planning and Strategy
  • IT Services

Contact us now: 305 389 8955 or